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Upcycling an old jewel? Which items are ideal to recover and which are not? 

I only remelts solid 18K yellow gold or solid 18K rose gold. So no silver or white gold because they often contain traces of Rhodium. 
Fine chains are also not remelted because they are often heavily soiled. But of course I like to reuse it for a new necklace. 
Ideal for melting are rings, medallions, plates and coins. When there is a shortage of gold, I add a portion in new gold.

Do you always use the gold you put in?

In most cases, it is important as a customer that the gold that is brought in from the loved one is actually used. Unfortunately this is not always possible. I engage myself to communicate openly with the customer about this, so that you are aware of what is possible and what is not.

Can I have yellow gold made into white gold and vice versa?

No, unfortunately this is not possible. 

Do you also buy old gold? 

No, I do not buy old gold. Old gold can only be used for remelting when creating a new jewel. I'm not an old gold trader, but specializes in the manufacturing of jewelry. 

How much old gold does it take to upcycle? 

For upcycling we take twice the weight of the old gold for the manufacture of a new jewel. This is because the rework always leaves less gold than in the beginning.
On the one hand this is due to evaporation of material, on the other hand there is also loss due to the necessary attachments to roll the gold. Parts such as clasps and grains, I do not make with old gold because it can hinder the sturdiness of the jewel.

Since the value of old gold is two times lower than that of new gold, I build in this margin. Making an upcyling jewel is an intensive process. Using old gold (sometimes polluted gold) I do not always know where I'll end up. The amount of gold taken thus eliminates the possibility of large losses.

Can I also upcycle gems from old jewelry? 

 Gemstones with a hardness above 8/10 on a Mohs scale are our favorites (diamond, sapphire, ruby, aquamarine, tourmaline,….). 

Do you also make ash jewelry? 

Yes, of course! I like to design a custom piece of jewelry together with you to wear your loved one close by.

Do you make breast milk jewelry?

That is possible, if you can supply the dried breast milk yourself. I do not dry breast milk. 

Can you look for an exclusive gemstone or diamond for me? 

Absolute! Let me know what your wishes are and I will look for you! Think about the most important qualities of the desired diamond or gemstone. Are you looking for a specific shape or size? Or is the color shade more important? After I have listed the best options for you, you can make a final choice yourself.

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